Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday we went out to the ranch to help Eli do some landscape work at the bunkhouse. ( this is the little house down by the barn and in the back ground you can see the new swimming pool. I will have to take more pictures of our house and the ranch and post them another day so you all can see where we live.)  Of course while we were there the girls wanted to go for a horse ride. Eli had let the horses out of the corrals to range on the ranch but we got really lucky when we went to go find them they were right up by the house, and were lucky enough to catch them.  The two little boys are our new friends Jackson and Jamison.  They are here living at the ranch for a month to see if their family wants to move here and work on the ranch as well.

I just realized that this is not going to post in order so sorry, but anyway a here are a few pics
from other things we have done.  The armadillo is at a restaurant called Perinni's, It is located out in the middle of nowhere on this guys ranch, in barn that he converted into the restaurant.  It is one of the top rated steak houses in Texas but don't expect fine dining, this place gives new meaning to "Rustic".  But the food is great I will take everyone who comes to visit us there.

We are really enjoying Abilene, the people here call it a small town but to us it is a city.
So to us there is lots of stuff to do.  Maddie loves the zoo we have already been twice.  At this zoo you can buy a pack of crackers and feed most of the animals, which is pretty cool.  The giraffs are the best though, they will take it right out of your hand with their "LONG" black tongues.  

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