Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are Alive!!!

I know it has been forever since I updated anything on my blog. I am sorry
summer is just too crazy. Instead of going back and starting were I left off I posted a
few recent pictures and I will try to do better at keeping up from here on out. I do have
a few cute pictures of summer events that I will try to post a little summer collection of
for those of you who care. Take care and have a great day!

Caellie's 7th Birthday!!!

Kamdyn got pretty excited to see the horses!!

We started the birthday celebration Saturday morning at the
West Texas Fair parade in downtown Abilene. It was fun and
as you can see a little raining but it cooled things off and the weather
has been quite nice.

Then for her Birthday party she picked to have a bowling Party at
Primetime with five of her friends.

It was alot of fun, and of course after bowling came the cake and presents!!
Always the big highlight. I just can't believe she is already getting that old!
Everyone warns you that it goes by fast but you just can't see the
light at the end of the tunnel when they are a toddler and into everything, but it is getting closer faster then I want it to as she already seems so old. She is so good to her sisters and always helping me take care of them.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our life with Kids and Dogs!

The other day Bailey got pretty sick and I finally had Eli come home early so that I could take her to the vet. I was getting worried because she wouldn't eat and had a bloody discharge from her nose. I think Eli was worried Bailey might not come home from the Vet cause he was trying to get the girls to take a picture by her before I left for the vet.

This was her infection on her arm, but now it is getting better. After a nights stay at the vet and medication she is getting back to her ol' self again. The vet she has to stay inside out of the heat for about three week while she is recovering. I don't know if we will ever get her back outside after being spoiled that long.

The downside to the story is she now looks like this for the three weeks so that she can't lick
her wound so that the infection doesn't spread to her mouth and nose anymore. (That is what was causing the blood) But suprisingly we found out she is pretty healthy for her weight and her age.

One evening we left Kamdyn a little too close to the table and she helped herself to what was left of the cool whip!!!!


At the beginning of the month school was coming to a close so of course that meant
Kindergarden Graduation.
Caellie has been a really good sport about moving and adjusted really well to a new school.
She still misses her teacher and friends from Burton, but is excited to make new friends at Allie Ward. We are pretty proud of her!!!

Maddie and some friends enjoying some homemade ice cream up in the tree house!

Caellie has since figured out she can really swim and doesn't need the security of floaties.

I am trying to play catch up again with posting on my blog.
These pictures are from our little get together with some families in
our ward out at the ranch for Memorial day.
(the little boy is Landon he is Kamdyns little friend)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barbara Jean Hamm

Three short weeks after we moved here I got the news of my grandmas death
on April 2,2009. I headed for the airport just two hours after receiving the news to head to
St. George. Eli was so sweet to make arrangements so that he and the girls could drive so that
they were able to be there for the funeral as well. It was great to be near all of our extended family that we have not seen for years, but terrible that we wait for things such as these terrible events to bring us all together.
I will miss my grandma dearly. I spent alot of time at her home while I was at college and often since I have been married and her home in Layton was my nearest "home" to go to when
I needed a retreat. She taught me her love of cooking and I already miss being able to call when I need a recipe.
I like this picture because we tried to reflect her love of cooking with placing her rolling pin in the arrangement. Everyone knows her for her pies and those rolling pins had a lot of use.
The following pictures are some of the family at the funeral.
This Picture is of Great Grandpa Hamm and all of the Yeaman Grandkids
(Jake, Jocie, Kamdyn& Grandpa, Maddie, Caellie, Colton, Logan, & Chase)

This is My siblings and my parents

Our family with Grandpa Hamm and my mom "Grams"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday we went out to the ranch to help Eli do some landscape work at the bunkhouse. ( this is the little house down by the barn and in the back ground you can see the new swimming pool. I will have to take more pictures of our house and the ranch and post them another day so you all can see where we live.)  Of course while we were there the girls wanted to go for a horse ride. Eli had let the horses out of the corrals to range on the ranch but we got really lucky when we went to go find them they were right up by the house, and were lucky enough to catch them.  The two little boys are our new friends Jackson and Jamison.  They are here living at the ranch for a month to see if their family wants to move here and work on the ranch as well.

I just realized that this is not going to post in order so sorry, but anyway a here are a few pics
from other things we have done.  The armadillo is at a restaurant called Perinni's, It is located out in the middle of nowhere on this guys ranch, in barn that he converted into the restaurant.  It is one of the top rated steak houses in Texas but don't expect fine dining, this place gives new meaning to "Rustic".  But the food is great I will take everyone who comes to visit us there.

We are really enjoying Abilene, the people here call it a small town but to us it is a city.
So to us there is lots of stuff to do.  Maddie loves the zoo we have already been twice.  At this zoo you can buy a pack of crackers and feed most of the animals, which is pretty cool.  The giraffs are the best though, they will take it right out of your hand with their "LONG" black tongues.