Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barbara Jean Hamm

Three short weeks after we moved here I got the news of my grandmas death
on April 2,2009. I headed for the airport just two hours after receiving the news to head to
St. George. Eli was so sweet to make arrangements so that he and the girls could drive so that
they were able to be there for the funeral as well. It was great to be near all of our extended family that we have not seen for years, but terrible that we wait for things such as these terrible events to bring us all together.
I will miss my grandma dearly. I spent alot of time at her home while I was at college and often since I have been married and her home in Layton was my nearest "home" to go to when
I needed a retreat. She taught me her love of cooking and I already miss being able to call when I need a recipe.
I like this picture because we tried to reflect her love of cooking with placing her rolling pin in the arrangement. Everyone knows her for her pies and those rolling pins had a lot of use.
The following pictures are some of the family at the funeral.
This Picture is of Great Grandpa Hamm and all of the Yeaman Grandkids
(Jake, Jocie, Kamdyn& Grandpa, Maddie, Caellie, Colton, Logan, & Chase)

This is My siblings and my parents

Our family with Grandpa Hamm and my mom "Grams"